Why Is My Wireless Mouse Not Connecting

If you’re having problems with your wireless mouse not connecting, don’t worry – you’re not alone. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common reasons for why this might be happening, and we’ll provide some tips on how to fix the problem. Read on to learn more!

What is Wireless Mouse?

Wireless mouse also known as the cordless mouse is a hardware input device that needs no wire to send signals from the mouse to a computer. The wireless mouse has become one of the popular hardware input accessories in the 2000s when major technology brands began manufacturing wireless mice using Bluetooth and Radio Frequency technology. Wireless mice have tons of benefits for the workspace, they increase productivity, they can perform multi-connect screen operation, they reduce the chances of tripping over wires and allows you to work from anywhere without having to worry about cables getting in the way. There are five main types of wireless mice: Optical mice, Radio Frequency mice, Bluetooth mice, USB mice and Laser mice.

What Are Wireless Mouse Types?

The optical mouse is one of the most standard and aged versions of the wireless mouse. It functions via infrared technology(IR), the infrared sensor is liable for transmitting the location of the mouse to the computer. When the mouse is downwards a bright glow can be seen, typically a red LED (Light-emitting diode) because red is the most competent for reflecting a surface in any ambient light. The Radio Frequency (RF) mice require two components to work accurately: a radio transmitter and a radio receiver. RF transmitter is integrated inside the mouse, and the mouse takes a record of its movement and the buttons that are clicked and sends this information to the receiver via radio signals. RF receiver receives the RF signals, decode them and sends these signals to the computer.

The Bluetooth mice are similar to RF mice using radio waves to communicate wirelessly with a computer. It can pair to devices other than your computer all that is required is a Bluetooth connection. It is the best choice if you have multiple devices that require a mouse. The USB mice as a wireless receiver known as a dongle, the mouse transmits a signal about its location to the USB device which decodes the signal and makes it readable for the computer. The is more expensive and it uses laser light to accurately calculate movement and position. They process information very fast and they are precise and reliable.

The mouse can develop some connections problem when connected to different devices, these problems include:

  • The mouse stopped working.
  • Malfunction of the cursor.
  • Double-click issue.
  • The mouse pointer moves erratically.

Wireless Mouse Connecting Guide

 Wireless Mouse

Do you want to use a wireless mouse with your computer, Laptop or Mac? Do you have a Bluetooth or an RF wireless mouse and you want it connected to your device quickly and easily?

This guide will show you how to connect any wireless mouse to your computer, laptop or mac

Firstly, ensure that the mouse has fresh batteries or is fully charged. To find the battery compartment, flip the mouse downward, and remove a tray on the bottom there you will find the battery compartment. If you have used the mouse for a long time and you didn’t remove the battery, consider replacing the battery fresh set even if they were new when you inserted them.

For a mouse that requires charging, ensure the mouse is fully charged.

Plug-In The Mouse’s Reciever:  The receiver should fit in your computer’s USB port. The USB port is found on the sides of laptops and the front of desktop computers. Ensure that the receiver is plugged in before switching on the mouse as this will allow your device to install any software the mouse needs to use.

Turn On The Mouse:  The on/ off switch of the mouse is located on the side of the mouse. If you can not find the on/off button, consult the mouse’s manual.

Press The Mouse’s Connect Button:  This connect button location varies based on the mouse’s developer. This button can be found on the side of the mouse. Some mice connect automatically so there will be no need to download any software to get them connected.

Move Your Mouse Around To Test The Connection: If you notice that the cursor is moving on the screen, your mouse is successfully connected.

Why Is My Wireless Mouse Not Connecting To My Laptop?

If your wireless mouse stopped moving or isn’t connecting to your laptop, several issues may be the cause of this problem, the problem may not be apparent at first but a little investigation will be of help in identifying the problem such as:

  • Incorrect connection of the mouse to the laptop.
  • Hardware device conflict.
  • The surface where the mouse Is placed as most mouse units will not work appropriately on highly reflective surfaces. (Glass tables)
  • Loosely inserted USB dongle.
  • Power and charge issue.

Why is My Wireless Mouse Not Connecting To Mac?

Why is My Wireless Mouse Not Connecting To Mac

Are you wondering why your wireless mouse is not working on your Mac? These could be some of the issues you need to check out.

  • Check if your batteries are well charged and try to reconnect your mouse to your Mac. 
  • Check out your system preference (on your Mac)> click on Bluetooth.
  • Switch it off and on again.  If it does not work try to unpair and pair your wireless mouse on your macOS.
  • Another thing you can do is if you use a USB hub and it is connected directly to a USB Port on the Mac. Most times your wireless connections have disconnected from your Mac and simply reconnecting will have you connected.

Why Is My Wireless Mouse Not Connecting To My Computer?

   If your wireless mouse is not connecting to your computer, the following are some of the reasons and how you can rectify it.

  • If your computer experience a freezing, automatically the mouse will stop working and it won’t connect to the computer. Check if your number lock key is not frozen, if it is simply reboot the computer to solve this problem.
  • You can check if any hardware had recently been installed on your system, try to uninstall it and check if it is the cause of the problem.
  • The most common cause is an unconnected mouse, you can check if your wireless mouse is receiving power by checking for some indication of power. If it isn’t on, bring the wireless receiver close and remove every obstruction. Disconnect the wireless USB adapter and try using different ports.

How To Fix Connection Problems

Here are some steps that may resolve the issue of the wireless mouse working slowly or not working at all. The steps below may help you resolve the issue very promptly.

  • 1. Replace The Battery With Fresh New Battery/Recharge The Battery.

Do you know that most wireless mouse connection problems can be fixed by just replacing the old batteries with new ones? Please insert the batteries correctly. Some mice require charging instead of batteries, ensure that the mouse is fully charged.

  • 2. Switch On The Mouse Using The Power Button.

 Wireless mice come with a power button(On/Off switch). This switch is located at the base of the device. If your wireless mouse is not working, endeavour that it is ON.

  • 3. Be Within The Range.

Ensure you are close to your computer because most wireless mice can simply work not too far from the range of the USB receiver. It is advisable to remove objects of obstruction from the receiver when using a wireless mouse with a receiver or when using an old wireless mouse.

  • 4. Disconnect And Reconnect To The Port.

Connect your mouse receiver to a different port if you notice the port you are using isn’t working. If it is not connecting, try another computer, if the same problem occurs then your wireless mouse might be defective.

  • 5. Re-establish Wireless Connection.

Unplug your USB wireless receiver leaving your system running. Wait for about 15 seconds then plug the USB wireless receiver again.

  • 6. Switch On The Computer And Restart It.

Restarting the computer can resolve the problem, try restarting it by pressing the Windows key if the mouse looks frozen. All you need to do is a “Rebooting” of the computer.

  • 7. Check The Surface Where The Mouse Is Placed.

 Some mice will not work appropriately on highly reflective surfaces, mostly on glass tables. You may need to use a mouse pad or another surface that does not interfere with the mouse’s operation. The problem will be fixed if the mouse is already connected.

  • 8. Remove Other USB Peripherals.

Computer peripherals such as printers, scanners and flash drives that are connected through the USB can stop your mouse from working well. Ensure you remove all peripherals. In doing this, you will have to reconnect the USB peripherals carefully to identify the device that makes the mouse stop working.

  • 9. Uninstalling Previous Mouse-Related Software.

 Have you used a wireless mouse on your laptop, computer or Mac? You may need to uninstall the previous one, so the new mouse can work perfectly. Uninstall any previous mouse-related software, then re-install your new mouse.

  • 10. The Speed Of The Cursor Should Be Controlled.

Most people neglect the manual of the mouse but there is many of vital information therein that can help fix issues of the mouse. If your wireless mouse works too fast or too slow, you can make the necessary adjustment by pressing “Windows+S”, after pressing Windows+S, type mouse settings, and click on “Open”. To increase or decrease the speed, use the slider under the cursor speed.

  • 11. Keep The Optical Lens Clean.

If issues with the cursor on your wireless mouse persist, ensure you clean the optical lens located at the base of the device. You can use a damp cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol or compressed air to remove dust or dirt.

I hope the fixes above have helped you rectify the problem with your wireless mouse, if not, your wireless mouse is defective. It is advisable to send it back for replacement if you are still within the warranty period.

Sometimes, all you need is to reset your mouse and it will work perfectly. To reset your wireless mouse read our article –How To Reset Wireless Mouse?

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