Best Mouse Dpi And Sensitivity Settings For Among Us

Is everyone aware of what is Among us? Is anyone worried about knowing and learning the best mouse DPI and sensitivity settings for Among Us? These games include controls, and your attention must be controlled by your mind. You might get stressed whenever you fail to succeed. These games include mouse DPI and sensitivity options too.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online multiplayer game that was published by American game studio Inner Sloth in 2018. Co-vid brings a lot of crises to the whole world, but these multiplayer games lead the market. The Co-vid year was a colorful year for many of us as it welcomed many different new players. And after some time, this game holds the support of its players, and now it’s a very well-known game play globally.

It can be downloaded for free on Android, PC, and iPhone. Among us is a game that includes a vigilant mindset and strategic plans through which a player has to complete his tasks within the time limit with one or more imposters who are there to sabotage the other crewmates.

This game, i.e., among us, has seven roles. These roles apply to each individual randomly or under some circumstances. But each individual is full of goals and abilities. All of these seven roles are given below:

  1. Crewmate
  2. Scientist
  3. Sheriff
  4. Ghost
  5. Engineer
  6. Guardian Angel
  7. Shapeshifter

People can connect their match with their favorite continent. There are two types of matches: private and public. It’s not easy for all friends to enter a public match. One or two of them stay unmatched because a public match allows every participant to join. The team will be divided into two segments: crewmates and imposters. Each player can change his or her color or their outfit according to their own choice. All of the crewmates are responsible for completing their tasks and ejecting the imposters from the ship by pressing the emergency button. The imposters are responsible for killing each crewmate silently.Their speeds include two types of speeds: slow and precise movement. The quick and precise movement helps the crewmates to complete their tasks more frequently, but the slower and fluid movement makes them more unnoticeable. That’s why the x1.0 speed is okay for crewmates and for imposters.

What is Sensitivity?

The sensitivity denotes the point at which the mouse responds to movement. For example, anyone can adjust the controls and sensitivity according to his/her own feasibility. Sometimes, it’s hard to move the cursor, so we start pushing it harder to make it work, but yeah, it can be fixed frequently by setting the sensitivity.

What is DPI?

DPI means dots per inch or pixels per inch. It refers to how far the pointer of the mouse will work. DPI not only worked for dots per inch but for dots per centimeter too.

How to change the DPI, sensitivity for Among us in settings?

To change the DPI and sensitivity among us, we can easily change it from the settings menu. Firstly, we will have joystick and touch options, click accordingly. You can also increase or decrease the size of the controls in case you’re playing with a joystick or on your phone.

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Best mouse DPI for Among us

You should attempt DPI for among us in between 400 and 800 with disabled mouse acceleration, favored by the majority of players.

Best mouse sensitivity for Among us

As everyone has their own choice and it’s not necessary that the one setting will also be comfortable for the other individual. So, with respect to their various tastes, anyone can switch the sensitivity level. 

First know how quickly you want your cursor to move. For speedy motion, you need to lower down your sensitivity level. But for slow motion you need to use a higher grade of sensitivity.

Secondly, you need to look at the size of your mouse pad. The wider the mouse pad, the lower difficulty of using the sensitivity. 


As per the facts, special players may also have different tendencies in the DPI settings and for this subject, no response is universally acceptable. All of these top 10 pro player’s names are mentioned below:

  1. Disguised Toast
  2. Corpse Husband
  3. Trainwrecks
  4. 5up
  5. Ludwig
  6. Yeti apocalypse
  7. xQc
  8. Russell
  9. Big Moist/Grease ball
  10. Nogla

Mostly, these professional players vote for relatively high DPI, like 400 and 800. This enables their vision to focus more perfectly and move with precision. For the best DPI setting, you need to check and analyze various DPI settings through which you can easily find out which DPI setting suits you more. This will give more advantage to you in your competition.


For being a pro player in multiplayer games, especially among us, you need to be more focused and more vigilant. To make your aim clear for your task and to move wisely, you have to set sensitivity. The speed of all crewmates seems equal. According to the survey, all pro players prefer low sensitivity because they need to focus more and need specific movement during completing their tasks. That’s the reason why they practice this low sensitivity during their final streams. These pro players set their sensitivity according to their mouse, as the mouse pad plays a vital role in the setting of sensitivity. So, as already stated above, the wider the mouse pad, there are issues with setting the sensitivity level.


This article comprises the best mouse DPI and sensitivity for Among Us. Multiplayer games played monopoly in the whole world during the CO-VID season, and they had a lot of new players who invested themselves in it. Among Us embodies the concept of teamwork. Through this game, you will feel more vigilant and responsive. We have clearly mentioned above how you can set your best mouse DPI and sensitivity settings for Among Us. As the emphasis is on better gameplay, more practice and better settings are required.

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